Staff & Employees

IFC President Jonathan Jay

The IFC President serves as the sole representative of the Inter-Fraternity Council to any and all outside bodies and organizations. He meets with the Fraternity Alumni Council on a regular basis, serves as an ex-Officio member of the Judicial Committee, meets weekly with the Greek Advisors, Panhellenic President, IFC Executive Committee, and City Partners.

Vice President of Risk Management: Jesse Ough

The IFC Vice-President Risk Management must conduct Social Chair and Risk Management Committee training sessions at the beginning of each semester, copy and fax party registration forms, coordinate and notify presidents reviews, reports following parties, write up incident reports for Greek Code of Conduct violations, and be an upstanding, reputable member of the Cal Greek community.

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Samuel Crary

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is responsible for all IFC funds, including: creating the semester's budget for the IFC Presidents Council that outlines all of IFC's incomes and expenditures; collecting dues from each chapter; keeping records of all chapters' financial standing with IFC; and managing all IFC accounts. In addition, he is responsible for internal IFC logistics, specifically the management of email list serves and the planning of meetings.

Vice President of External Affairs: Brian Blankenship

The Vice President of External Affairs is responsible for monitoring how the IFC and its member chapters interact with each other and with outside groups, including non-IFC Fraternities and Sororities, the University, and the city of Berkeley. Additionally, he promotes a positive image of the IFC and its member chapters through public relations efforts.

Vice President of Recruitment: Nick Groomer

The IFC Vice President for Recruitment carries out much of his responsibilities for recruitment over the summer and at the beginning of each semester. This involves: creating a publicity campaign to reach all incoming Freshmen; advertising all IFC-sponsored recruitment events and formal recruitment dates; developing all pre-rush and formal recruitment events (including set-up, staffing, financing, scholarship, and promotion); communicating IFC's needs, expectations and services to all chapter recruitment chairs in advance of rush; holding Recruitment Chair roundtables; heading up the dry rush enforcement board; and selecting recruitment counselors.

Vice President of Sustainability: Raine Scott

The goal of this executive is to increase the sustainability of the 32 fraternities that IFC presides over, and to serve as the chief liaison between the sustainability chairs of each chapter and IFC. VP of Sustainability is a position that balances both education and practice. It tries to instill the ideas of environmental consciousness, personal sustainability choices, and lifestyle decisions, as well as what a fraternity as a collective unit can do to better the environment.

Vice President of Philanthropy: Chad Visser

The Vice President of Philanthropy is responsible for overseeing the philanthropic efforts of the council as a whole, as well as the over 30 chapters of the Interfraternity Council. He meets with the chapters' philanthropy chairs to discuss philanthropy events occurring throughout the city of Berkeley, and promotes increased participation by fraternity members Goals for the Position: planning a large, all-IFC event that can serve as a model for future events; setting up a system of partnering fraternities and sororities based on national philanthropic efforts; creating a comprehensive calendar of service and charitable events; deciding on the recipients of the IFC scholarships.

Vice President of Health and Wellness: Pablo Herrera

The Vice President of Health and Wellness was created in 2013 to oversee the administration of sexual assault and alcohol education programs for IFC Fraternities. The VP of Health and Wellness coordinates with university officials and student groups to ensure that IFC Fraternities are going above and beyond to ensure that our members are of the highest citizenship in our communities and that we are conducting ourselves in a safe and respectable manner.

Vice President of Standards: Max Klaiman

The Vice President of Standards was created in 2014 by the current IFC Executive Committee as part of an IFC led innitiatve to increase internal accountabiliy and oversight. For the first time in ten years, IFC has strove to implement a student run disciplinary and investigative committee for the purpose of ensuring that our members are abiding by the rules and spirit of the law to highest standard.

Vice President of Emergency Preparedness: Alex Lieberman

The Vice President of Emergency Preparedness is responsible for preparing the Inter-Fraternity Council for major disasters and fires through education, communication, and resource distribution. This position was created in 2017 to make the Inter-Fraternity Council a community and campus leader in our preparedness for a disaster, and lead the way in improving campus preparedness levels.

Programming Chair: Sangwook Park

The IFC Programming Chair is responsible for programming within the IFC, as well as with PHC, NPHC, and MCGC. Examples of events that fall under Programming's responsibility include Greek Week, Greek Carnival, Giants Night, Warriors Night, and Greek Elections Booth, Cal Day Cleanup, and Big Game Cleanup. He also works with individual chapters to consult on charity and service events. He must attend bimonthly IFC meetings, weekly IFC exec meetings, and bimonthly Cal Greeks programming board meetings.