President: Jon Jay, Tau Kappa Epsilon

The Interfraternity Council would like to present the stance it is taking on the issue of sexual violence within the CalGreeks community. Without a doubt, sexual violence is a paramount and glaringly obvious issue within the larger Greek community. This trend of atrocious behavior throughout the country's Greek communities is a reflection of an institutional problem within fraternity culture- a culture that we, as a council, are trying to combat. As leaders in the CalGreeks community, we have adopted the goal of reversing the appalling products of such a culture- beginning with our total denouncement of sexual violence. The initiatives we have taken towards this goal include, but aren't limited to the construction of affinity organizations like CalGreeks Alcohol Taskforce and Greeks Against Sexual Assault, sexual violence prevention chairs, mandatory consent talks, and standardized event protocols.

It is important to note, however, that while our best efforts to counter the pattern of sexual violence in the CalGreeks community have been vital steps forward in shifting our community's trending fraternity culture, they have not been enough to climb this mountain of an issue.

This is illustrated in allegations against one of the fraternities within our community: the Alpha Beta chapter of Sigma Chi. This semester, one allegation against the chapter has been brought to the IFC and PHC Executive Councils. Any and every allegation of drugging or sexual assault is both unsettling and alarming - and demands our utmost concern.

The IFC Standards Board has placed Sigma Chi on an immediate and indefinite Social Probation while an investigation occurs.

Further, we recognize that the measures we have taken thus far are not enough. While the university investigates Title IX reports of sexual violence, we seek a better way to hold chapters accountable to living up to standards and fraternal values in this area. We will be working with campus and community experts to evaluate and consider new measures, as we must do more to tackle sexual violence and to stand with and in support of survivors.

Above all, our ultimate incentive for initiating these efforts is to support survivors of sexual violence. We hear your voices. We amplify your voices. We stand in solidarity with you. No person should ever have to feel concerned for their safety at a fraternity event. No person should ever feel like their wellbeing and sense of personal security is at risk by being a member of our Greek community. Any further inquiry can be directed to Jon Jay, President of the Interfraternity Council.

Jon Jay, Interfraternity Council President

Feb. 27: This statement has been updated to clarify the IFC judicial process and actions therein.